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How to Keep Safe and Secure on the Web – Part 1: Update Your Operating System & Browser

We at TrueHit Designs are creating a series of easy-to-use guides on keeping the average personal and business computer safe and secure. While it is highly unlikely any of our guides will cause you problems, we preface the information found in these guides by highly recommending you backup your data before using our guides and/or asking your local IT professional, or contacting TrueHit Designs, before using our guides. If your computer is very dated, seven years or older, or has a ... Read more

New Web Browser, Chrome 10, is Lightning Fast.

How fast? Roughly 30% faster than most other browsers, including Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate. "Chrome 10 is screamingly fast. It’s more than ten-times faster than its first version was in dealing with JavaScript. It also leads all other of today’s Web-browsers when it comes to raw JavaScript processing speed with its new “Crankshaft” V8 JavaScript engine. How much faster? Well on the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark 0.91 test, Chrome left most, but not all of the other Web browsers eating its ... Read more