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Home » website design Launches New Website to Unite Caregivers to those who Seek Care

We are happy to announce that has launched! Caregivers specializes with uniting those who wish to give care to the elderly, to those who seek it. TrueHit Designs helped launched this website by offering the following: Graphic Design[check_list]Branding Overall Web Design Back-end Design Additional Image Designs [/check_list] Web Development[check_list]General Website Development User Registration Complex Management System Automatic Payment System [/check_list] Marketing[check_list]Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Analytical Tracking Initial Search Engine Marketing [/check_list] Read more

TrueHit Designs Develops Proxy Solutions Website Design

Working with the team at Proxy Solutions, TrueHit Designs has completed web development, design and initial marketing of, Proxy Solutions is the world's leading proxy service, allowing thousands of individuals and companies to connect to the internet, securely and anonymously. We were happy to complete the following: Graphic Design[check_list]Branding Web Design Additional Image Designs [/check_list] Web Development[check_list]General Website Development Secure SSL JavaScript based PayPal Payment System User Account Managment Infinite Tier User Affiliate System - Including Full Administrator Back-End for Advanced Campaigns and Financial Tracking Interactive FAQ System Interactive Technology Guide ... Read more

TrueHit Designs Completes Shedroff and Associates Website Design

TrueHit Designs has had the chance to work with Steve Shedroff and Jeff Perlman to create the new website design for Shedroff and Associates, Shedroff and Associates offer Extended Care Planning for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and DC. Shedroff and Associates help prepare individuals for the emotional and financial consequences of extended care. Shedroff and Associates has access to many companies for their products and services, all to help custom design a solution that fits ... Read more

Google Analytics Premium for Large Businesses

Google has launched a paid version of Google Analytics that can help process the market data of a billion website hits per month and provides additional unique support for large scale businesses. -Google Analytics Premium – Product Description Processing Power Guaranteed processing for up to 1 billion hits per month (vs. the 10 million a month for standard accounts).  This applies to a single business or enterprise, but can include multiple web properties. In other words, if a company owns several sites, but the combined ... Read more

HTML5, JavaScript and OpenGL: The Upcoming 3D Internet Technologies

HTML5, JavaScript, OpenGL and other technologies are paving the way for an upcoming explosion of 3D content which users can interact with on the World Wide Web. These new technologies will continue to help TrueHit Designs build unique websites, web advertisements, entertainment and other media which is attractive to the end user. We have compiled a short list of demonstrations to show you these unique technologies. We recommend viewing these demonstrations in the popular internet browser, Google Chrome, however, any updated web ... Read more

Is your password safe for the web?

It is a well known fact that hackers who are determined to "crack", meaning figure out a simple password, will most likely do so. Below we quickly explain how hackers steal your passwords and what steps you can take to create a password which is very difficult to "crack". --- Five ways hackers get your password: Asking: Amazingly the most common way to gain access to someone's password is simply to ask for it (often in relation with something else). People often tell their ... Read more