The Best Day and Time to Effectively Send Bulk Emails

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TrueHit Designs has the stats and a few tips for sending out mass emails and acquiring the most click-through for your bulk email campaign. Bulk email marketing analysis has shown that there is not a precise point when one should act, but there are a few tips to keep in mind when scheduling a bulk email that will help you maximize your audience’s response rates.

  • Trial and error are first and foremost in this process. Analyze your past email campaigns and see what days and times have worked best for you in the past.
  • Lyris HQ recommends also looking at what time of day your subscribers register for your list. If most of your sign ups occur between certain hours of the work day, it gives you an idea of when your audience is most active.
  • The nature of your relationship to your audience is a big factor in determining the optimal delivery day and time. Some research has shown that B2B emails are most successful in terms of both open and click through rates on Tuesday and Wednesday. Presumably this is because early in the week, most recipients are in delete mode, while later in the week, some may have already checked out for the weekend.
  • Lists aimed at consumer response have a much wider variance in terms of delivery best practices. If you want people to enter a contest, follow you on Twitter, or participate in a sale, you are most likely to get a better response sending after work hours or on Fridays and weekends. Most people don’t check personal email at work, so when you engage them during their off hours, they are most likely to take action.
  • Keep in mind the importance of frequency and don’t overdo it. According to E-Dialog’s Manifesto for E-Mail Marketers: Consumers Demand Relevance [PDF], when asked why they don’t open and read certain messages, 59 percent of subscribers responded that the messages come too frequently. High frequency will turn off a large portion of your intended audience.
As always, take a look at the numbers to see what day and time works best for your company. If you are looking for your recipients to take action, delivery dates with the highest click-through rates are most important, but if you are instead looking to spread information, open-rate should be your highest priority. Try out various timing methods to determine best practices for your lists.