HTML5, JavaScript and OpenGL: The Upcoming 3D Internet Technologies

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HTML5, JavaScript, OpenGL and other technologies are paving the way for an upcoming explosion of 3D content which users can interact with on the World Wide Web. These new technologies will continue to help TrueHit Designs build unique websites, web advertisements, entertainment and other media which is attractive to the end user.

We have compiled a short list of demonstrations to show you these unique technologies. We recommend viewing these demonstrations in the popular internet browser, Google Chrome, however, any updated web browser should do. Please click on the images to open the demonstration in a new tab and maneuver the samples with your mouse. The demonstrations marked in red may be tasking for older computer systems.

JavaScript Test

First we will start with a simple test to show the 3D abilities.

We now see a complete environment. This same technology can be used to display the interiors of a 3D render, restaurant and much more.

JavaScript Test

With this demonstration you can see how we can demonstrate a 3D model to a user or perspective client.

We can take this to an extreme and display a massive scale model, with very fine details. *Hint* You can also visit the moon!

JavaScript Test

Let us move onto film. While the audience expects to view an ordinary streaming video, their attention and interest is captured by an interactive film environment.
Has Audio*

We now take the same video and environment as shown in the example to the left and demonstrate just how extreme the environmental effects can be. Would you like a vehicle bursting through the screen while the film trailer is playing? We can make that happen.

As you see by the above demonstrations, interactive internet environments are an exciting opportunity that allow businesses to quickly demonstrate their products or services in amazing 3D environments.