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It is a well known fact that hackers who are determined to “crack”, meaning figure out a simple password, will most likely do so. Below we quickly explain how hackers steal your passwords and what steps you can take to create a password which is very difficult to “crack”.

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Five ways hackers get your password:

Asking: Amazingly the most common way to gain access to someone’s password is simply to ask for it (often in relation with something else). People often tell their passwords to colleagues, friends and family. Having a complex password policy isn’t going to change this.

Guessing: This is the second most common method to access a person’s account. It turns out that most people choose a password that is easy to remember, and the easiest ones are those that are related to you as a person. Passwords like: your last name, your wife’s name, the name of your cat, the date of birth, your favorite flower etc. are all pretty common. This problem can only be solved by choosing a password with no relation to you as a person.

Brute force attack: Very simple to do. A hacker simply attempts to sign-in using different passwords one at the time. If you password is “sun”, he will attempt to sign-in using “aaa, aab, aac, aad … sul, sum, sun (MATCH)”. The only thing that stops a brute force attack is higher complexity and longer passwords (which is why IT people want you to use just that).

Common word attacks: A simple form of brute-force attacks, where the hacker attempt to sign-in using a list of common words. Instead of trying different combination of letters, the hacker tries different words e.g. “sum, summer, summit, sump, sun (MATCH)”.

Dictionary attacks: Same concept as common word attacks – the only difference is that the hacker now uses the full dictionary of words (there are about 500,000 words in the English language).

A Simple method to create a great password:

A very simple method to create a password is to use one word with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Do not use your significant other or children as part of the password. A great way to find a word to remember would be, for instance, a dear childhood friend. Let us say you had a friend named john in while in the eighth grade, creating a password such as:


This would take ten average computers an average of 209 days to crack.

Click here to open a large info-graphic regarding password security.

This password strength checker is very popular. Give it a try on a random password.

TrueHit Designs always considers a client’s web security as we plan their project needs. through the web design and web development phases, proper planning of internet security is essential to thwart hackers.