TrueHit Designs Creates Rockets Candy’s New Colorful Web Presence

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Web design and marketing firm TrueHit Designs, founded by William Weaver, has made a sweet mark on the World Wide Web by providing famed Candy Manufacturer, Ce De Candy Company, with a new website for the popular Canadian candy, Rockets.

Since 1963, Ce De Candy Company has been filling lives with joy through confectioneries such as Rockets, known in America as Smarties. Many of us have fond memories of those sweet fruity wafer treats in pastel colors rolled up into its famous clear wrapper.

The family-owned company was in need of a new website for their Canadian branded Rockets Candy, to continue its appeal to a new, online generation. TrueHit Designs created a stunning website designed to match Rockets Candy colorful charm. All original illustrations give the site its own unique style. is user-friendly and, most importantly, integrates social media and blogging to help keep the company’s popularity expanding.

Liz Dee, part owner of Ce De Candy, states, “It was time to create a new website for our candy products, and I am so glad we chose TrueHit Designs to do so. turned out as we had hoped: A fun futuristic candy city with clearly organized content that is easy to navigate. We worked closely with TrueHit’s Founder, William Weaver. I am continually impressed by his depth of knowledge, responsiveness and value of service. Not only does William promptly execute projects, he catches issues before they start, with up-to-date technology suggestions. TrueHit Designs has many talented artists and designers (William Weaver being one himself) and I have been most impressed with the original artwork they generated. I highly recommend working with William and TrueHit Designs.”

TrueHit Designs is an all-inclusive firm that provides not only web design, but also web hosting, SEO optimization, as well internet marketing. TrueHit Designs’ clients include: Glory Capital, Originate Ventures, Watch Sharks, Wild Guanabana and many more.

Each client’s needs are taken into consideration and the result is a highly customized website. Additionally, responsive website integration allows for functionality on the many device platforms available.

When it comes to choosing a trusted web designer, two factors are key: talent and service, TrueHit offers both with professional results.