New Web Browser, Chrome 10, is Lightning Fast.

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How fast? Roughly 30% faster than most other browsers, including Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate.

“Chrome 10 is screamingly fast. It’s more than ten-times faster than its first version was in dealing with JavaScript. It also leads all other of today’s Web-browsers when it comes to raw JavaScript processing speed with its new “Crankshaft” V8 JavaScript engine.TrueHit Designs Websites Support Google Chrome

How much faster? Well on the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark 0.91 test, Chrome left most, but not all of the other Web browsers eating its dust. I tested Chrome 10 on my Mint Linux 10 PC and was impressed. For benchmarking it though I decided to run it on my Windows 7 SP 1 system so that the forthcoming Internet Explorer 9 could get its innings in.”

Find the full story at: ZDNet.

We at TrueHit Designs aim to create backward-compatible websites and web applications which are are viewable flawlessly in Internet Explorer 6/7 as occasionally there are those who neglect to update their software. We are still very excited to watch web technologies continue to improve and at accelerating speeds.

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