Working Around the Major Internet Explorer Security Exploit

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During the last few months there have been two major internet security issues. As web developers, we want you to know how we keep your browsing safe, and help to protect your data.

Internet Explorer Security Exploit

At the time of writing this, using Internet Explorer, nearly all versions, may open a major security hole to your sensitive data.

The security issue affects IE versions 6 to 11, on all operating systems. According to Microsoft, the upcoming patch won’t be released for Windows XP as Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP.

(Windows XP users may never see a patch for this security exploit.)

To help protect yourself from this issue, we recommend that you:

1. Update Adobe Flash

Make sure you are using the latest version of Flash. Click here to download and install the latest version. You may want to deselect the McAfee Anti-Virus box.

2. Enable Enhanced Protected Mode

If you use Internet Explorer, open your Windows Control Panel, open Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab.
Now scroll through the settings. Near the bottom is a box labeled Enable Enhanced Protection Mode*. Check that box and click on Apply.
This should help to temporarily fix the exploit. Please understand that checking this may cause some unique plugins to stop working.

3. Avoid Using Internet Explorer (Optional)

We suggest avoid using internet explorer. For a better alternative try using Google Chrome and Firefox.

The Heartbleed Exploit

Please read our previous post here which explains the Heartbleed exploit and how it could have affected you and your organization.

Additional details can be found on Adobe’s website, here.