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Your New Website in 4 Easy Steps!

We have a meeting, learning about your business, and understand your needs.
After reviewing the information provided, we give you a customized proposal.
Upon agreement, we create your website, which you may watch in real-time.
Once finalized, we launch the website and begin to advertise.

Clean. Stunning. Easy to navigate.

TrueHit Designs abides by these principles throughout development.

TrueHit Designs offers quick, website development, internet marketing, graphic design and more. Our process is simple and refined. First we assess your needs. Then we choose the right designs and technology solutions that will best meet those needs. Next we design and develop the perfect website and promotional materials for your company. Finally, we use tested techniques to bring targeted users to your new website.

At TrueHit Designs our graphic designers and web programmers love digital development. We keep our designs clean, easy to use, easy to edit and visually stunning. We create polished designs with great interactive features that will keep your viewers engaged. All designs are multi-browser, multi-generation and multi-platform compatible.

Expandable Website Frameworks

TrueHit Designs keeps the future of your web presence in mind. You will need a website platform which is scalable as your business grows. We create your website for easy future expansion. Additional technologies, marketing and over-all growth will not cause any problems for your organization.

The Best Web Designs

The best web designs feature elements of both function and form in a stylish, direct manner. TrueHit Designs offers lightning fast design and development. Whatever the purpose of your website, TrueHit Designs will seamlessly incorporate this into web design we provide for your unique needs. This means that through our dynamic and fresh graphic, textual and media options, the user-defined experience your website generates will be visually striking and intellectually appealing. The effect this creates leaves a lasting impression your website visitors.

How do we create these effects? By engaging directly with a user’s web navigation experience. Knowing the market your website will be geared for is the first step in understanding how to design an effective website for your business. TrueHit Designs will help you identify and cultivate the specific niche you fill, by incorporating designs which feature audience characteristics, information preferences and web experiences that your users specifically will gravitate towards. This will enable your business to appeal to customers on a very personal level – the very design of the website we create for and with you will anticipate the kind of environment users hope to interface with when first coming into contact with your company. As with designing an office, or a print publication, the atmosphere your business generates lends itself to the brand you are promoting. TrueHit Designs can supply the fundamental tools required for a thriving and lucrative website!

By taking the time to understand the principles behind the objectives you want to achieve, TrueHit Designs then incorporates these aims into a web design which fulfills the desires of your users or patrons. Our targeted approach to this endeavor is two-fold: first, we create a design tailored to your needs which is eye-catching and candid, and second, we do so in a manner which is easy to navigate and interact with. TrueHit Designs will exhibit the substance or content your business wishes to market through a combination of usability, professional appearance, and a coherent structure. The end result of this produces successful results for you and your business.

Compatible Web Development

We feel that a stunning web design is not enough. If the website fails to fulfill its objective by being incompatible with a web platform that your viewers might utilize, you may lose a possible client. Knowing that the success of your business venture is absolutely dependent on the functionality of your website design, its speed, navigability and ease of use. We at TrueHit Designs will ensure that your website is compatible with all computer operating systems, internet browsers and mobile devices.

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